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Moving Day Essentials

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Moving Day Essentials

Are you moving into one of our beautiful apartments? Congratulations and welcome to our wonderful community!

Moving day can be stressful so we’ve put together a quick list of things you’ll need on moving day.  With these essentials, moving day will be a breeze and you’ll be lounging around your new apartment in no time!


Notebook & Pen – You never know when you’ll need to remember something, things you need to buy for the house, things to ask the landlord.
Sharpie – You’ll always need a sharpie for one reason or the other.
Scissors or Box cutter – you’ll need these to easily open your moving boxes or open new things you’ve bought for your new apartment
Trash Bags – Whether you’re moving in or moving out, there’s always trash everywhere!

Cleaning Supplies:

Dish Gloves – Protect your hands from anything that’s been left behind from the old tenants
Broom/Dust pan/Vacuum/Mop – Sweep those floors before you put all your furniture down.  This will be the easiest time to get those corners.
Lysol Wipes – kill any germs that have been left behind
Rags/Paper Towels – You’ll need these.


Screwdrivers (Phillips and flat head)
Allen wrenches
Measuring Tape

With all these things, you’ll be ready to move into your apartment!

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